Souks Market Spices

Souks, Spice, and All Things Nice! 

Here’s why Dubai should be your spot to wind-down and catch your breath.

Life keeps getting crazier by the minute, and you just need to slowdown. You crave something other than Outlook emails for breakfast and weekly reports for Friday tea, and you need to get away! 

Well, we hear you and we think you should just pack up your things and go experience life at its finest. No argument there! And we could give you a lengthy list of ideal destinations and a longer list of whys and what-not, but our buck’s on Dubai and here is why…

The ever-dazzling city of Dubai has been a sure-spot in many of our bucket lists, and rightfully so. By the time you have had a magnificent view from the top of Burj Khalifa and a tanning soak in the Jumeirah beach, you will be in love with this city that offers you nothing but blissful wind-down time. 

Here is more that you can do to enjoy life at its finest…

 A Safari in the Desert

Get yourself an authentic Dubai experience by booking a desert tour (in advance, of course). Now you could pick the camels, or the safari jeeps based on your budget, but we recommend the camels! We did say authentic, didn’t we? 

A Relaxing Massage 

After those excruciating months working from home, you deserve a remedial massage to work out those neck cramps and stiff backs. Dubai has a range of spas, both extravagant and affordable, to help you feel like true royalty during your getaway.

Surf the Souks!

Catch a taxi and go downtown to Dubai’s old marketplaces– locally known as souks. You can get a vast variety of spices, shoes, shawls, handbags, and so much more at unbelievably affordable prices. You will be walking away with a smile on your face, and fifteen bags in your hands!

Visit the World’s Largest Dancing Fountain

Located at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall is a must-visit location in the city. Given that the world’s largest dancing fountain performs daily, you could grab a quick bite inside the mall and jump onto a boat ride to watch the fountains up close. If water-travel is not your thing, you can still watch from the shores!

Experience Zen at Jumeirah Mosque

Make sure to visit the Jumeirah Mosque– one of the most beautiful mosques of Dubai. You can book yourselves for a tour inside, and experience architectural excellence originated from Egypt and Syria for a small fee. 

The list of places you can visit and activities you can do in Dubai are endless – each an adventure and an experience of its own. If Dubai is not in your bucket-list, then we believe it is high-time you add it in, get packing, and fly over to lose yourself in blissful relaxation.

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