Dubai desert

A City That Dazzles from Dawn to Dusk

Here are why your adventures in Dubai do not end at sunset…

You thought nothing could beat the exotic sunrise and the golden hue over Dubai that lasts throughout the day. You are quite happy with your day’s adventures and decide to stop for the day. You glance out of your hotel room and catch a glimpse of the glittering city against a stunning sunset in the background – each skyscraper a lightshow of its own, each landmark a festival. 

You realize, and quite happily admit, that you were wrong… Dubai dazzles even at dusk, and you are missing all the adventures under its dimly lit sky,

Dubai happens to be one of the most happening cities around the world 24/7. This means, from rides in the desert to an underwater zoo, the number of places you could visit and experience before you settle in for an exquisite dinner are endless.

Here are our top seven activities to do at dusk, so the next time you visit Dubai for a week, you have your pre-dinner escapades all planned and ready to go!

Arabian Desert Ride – After Sunset

Cue in the theme song ‘Arabian nights’ from Disney’s Aladdin because nothing else could fit the vibe better! Book a ride into the desert after sunset and experience a vast sea of sand dunes under a beautiful dimly lit sky. Some tours even stop in the middle of the desert for you to enjoy a little picnic with your loved ones! To say that the experience is magical is truly an understatement. 

Burj Khalifa – Magnificence of a Sunset

An iconic landmark in Dubai that gives you an exhilarating panoramic view of the glittering city. Go straight up to the 124th floor in one of the world’s fastest elevators and be reminded of how truly magnificent Dubai can be! 

The Dubai Mall for an Evening Shopping Spree

You can either shop till you drop or skate till you are late! The options are endless. The Dubai Mall is known to house over 1,200 outlets including luxury brands, ice-skating rinks, the largest virtual reality park, and so much more for you to experience in just one location! Also, to add a cherry on top of a very luxurious cake, you would be pleased to know that the Dubai Fountains are just a jump, hop and a skip away! Located at the Dubai Mall, The Dubai Fountains are an exceptional light and music showaccompanied by rhythmic water waves in the fountain which you can view free of charge. 

Experience the World at Global Village

Global landmarks, exquisite cuisines, firework shows, theme-park rides, games…it is as if Dubai wants your inner-child to come out and play at night! The Global Village is a one-stop destination for you and your loved ones to experience sheer joy in carnival style. If you are lucky, you may even get to visit their fair which is an annual phenomenon attracting thousands of tourists from all around the globe!

Dubai Underwater Zoo

Witness nature’s true aquatic beauty as you stroll through Dubai’s famous underwater zoo in the evening. You will see thousands of aquatic species, and the fun does not end with just a stroll. You can ride a boat with a glass bottom, you can go feed some sharks, you can even go cage snorkeling if you are up for it. It is up to you to seize the day (or dusk, in this case!)

City Sightseeing – a Quick Recap of an Extraordinary City

Recap your visit to Dubai with an exclusive Big Bus tour! Visit all the great landmarks in Dubai lit up against the evening sky as the tour guides take you around the city on a comfortable double-decker bus. 

Dubai Marina – for a Final Goodbye!

Take a stroll around the Dubai Marina in the evening before your flight for a peaceful end to a perfect trip. The illuminated skyscrapers and the calm waters of surrounding beaches will help you remember all the luxury and serenity that Dubai has to offer you, and you will be making up your mind to visit this city of awe once again!

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