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Feel Like Royalty with Staywell Loyalty

Experience the best of hospitality with the world’s most unique hotel loyalty program…

Enthusiastic travelers always look for two things when they decide on a hotel to stay at during their vacation: Comfort and luxury at value for money. While many hotels promise both (sometimes more) on their websites and social media pages, reality can often be disappointing. Therefore Staywell, a unique hotel loyalty programmed available at many four star and 5-star hotels around the world, makes sure that your hotel experience will be as epic as the vacation you have planned from A to Z. 

The Staywell program rewards its members with exclusive points and privileges against every dollar spent by you at one of its partnering hotels – including Park Regis Dubai! With enough points to redeem, members are eligible to apply for free upgrades, access to key amenities, and even get free rooms in addition to so much more. 

Here are a few exclusive services which you are missing out if you have not signed up for the Staywell Loyalty program yet…

Upgrade to Next-Best Hotel Rooms…at No Extra Cost!

Imagine paying for a basic room with an acceptable view, and then voila! You have been upgraded to the next best room at no additional fee at all! The points against each Dollar spent previously at the hotel will be accumulated either on a classic or a gold level and can be used to upgrade to the next-best room at absolutely no cost if you are a Staywell Loyalty member. A tired traveler’s wildest dream true.

Priority Reservations

A VIP of all kinds, you will be at the top of our priority list…especially when it comes to reservations. If you have planned a romantic dinner for two, or a girls-night at the lounge, the Staywell program will ensure that the hotel goes an extra mile to make the occasion extra special and treat you like the royalty that you are!

Complimentary Access to Fitness and Wellness Center

All vacays are considered incomplete if you have not had the chance to be pampered and spoiled. Head over to the hotel’s fitness and wellness center – free of course – and get the pampering of a lifetime. From massages to mani-pedis to facials, ask for what you want, and you shall receive!

Get yourself a Room…For Free!

If you are a frequent traveler and have been staying at Staywell’s partnering hotels around the world, then this offer is just a trip or two away! The points from all your previous travels will be accumulated in your membership card and once it hits the set limit, your hotel will provide you an extra night completely free of charge. 

Check out for more benefits and promotions. Hope to see you as a Staywell Member soon!!!